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Kyle Gray has been heralded as ‘the hottest name in spirituality’ by Soul & Spirit magazine. Now he brings you his wealth of angel knowledge in a concise form.

Angels: How to See, Hear and Feel Your Angels is a beautiful introductory guide that will show you how to start working with these angelic beings, allowing their light to heal and support you. Discover:

Kyle Gray

Kyle has been blessed by the presence of angels since he was four years old, receiving their guidance as he worked tirelessly to develop his talents. He became the UK 's youngest professional psychic medium at the age of sixteen, and continues to amaze his clients with his startlingly accurate readings. Kyle regularly speaks in front of large audiences, and teaches workshops around the world.


Exercise: Your angel’s voice

In this short exercise, Kyle explains how to recognize the voice of your guardian angel, and how to separate it from the voice of your ego: 

You can learn to tap into the voice of your angel. For many years I heard my angel speak to me in the sound of my own voice. In times gone by I also heard a very well-spoken, almost upper-class English voice, which was always very direct and to the point.

In this respect, too, your angel will adapt to you and will mostly speak to you in a way you know. For most people that is through the ‘inner voice’. The inner voice is a voice you’ll know very well. You’ll use it when you’re speaking internally to yourself, when you’re thinking about your shopping list, your plans for the day, what you need to do next… It’s the voice that you use to say prayers and speak to your angels.

The challenge here is that the inner voice can sound very similar to the ego. The ego will even use the inner voice against you. It’ll sound very similar and it’ll tell you challenging things. So, for example, you’ll look in the mirror and feel quite good about yourself and all of a sudden this voice that sounds like your own will say, ‘You look fat,’ or, ‘Have you seen how bumpy your skin is today?’ or something else that’s cheeky and quite uncalled-for.

Our task is to quieten this voice so we can tap into our guidance. This will take practice, and most importantly patience, but if we’re disciplined enough, we’ll do it. And once we’ve learned to differentiate between the voice of divine guidance (God and the angels) and the voice of our ego (the internal doubt system) we’ll experience real growth.

Having said this, many people do have the natural gift of hearing their angel’s voice clearly. In most cases that’s because it’s so different from their own inner voice. If you’re one of these people, congratulations on this magnificent gift you have received. If you aren’t – don’t worry, it’ll come! Believe!

To help you understand the difference between the two voices, here are some bullet points.

The voice of your angel will be:

  • loving
  • guiding
  • reassuring
  • strong
  • direct
  • encouraging
  • safe

The voice of your ego will sound:

  • distracted
  • uncertain
  • negative
  • vindictive
  • critical
  • discouraging
  • needy

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